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Q.1 How to Select Model of Bandsaw Machine? Ans. One can select the most suitable Bandsaw machine for given application by consulting our sales team to avoid wrong selection of bandsaw machine . Because Selection of Bandsaw machine directly related to following data of the application

  • Size ( Geometry) of the Job
  • Grade F the Material to Be Cut
  • Number of Pieces Required per Shift
  • Accuracy ( Allowable Taper) Required in Cutting

After getting above details , we can suggest you best suitable Bandsaw machine for ur application.

Q.2 Why Bandsaw Machine?

Ans. Bandsaw machines are the basic need for any machine tools industry. Because metal-cutting is the primary process for any Ferrous/Non ferrous Materials. Once the metal has been cut to its required length, a host of other processes can be executed. Such as turning, shaping, grinding, milling and drilling.

Q.3 What is Difference Between  Light Duty Lx-1 and  Heavy Duty High Speed Lx-1hs Bandsaw Machine?


Designed to cut only Mild steel EN-8 series materials Designed to cut Alloy steel and hard as well as Soft material
Having Worm reduction Gear box of light duty type Having Heavy duty type Worm-reduction Gear box
Blade guide consists of single bearing & carbide wear pad Blade Guide onsists of 6no. fixed Bearings & adjustable Carbide wear pads
Only Carbonsteel bandsaw Blades can be used Both Bi-metal and Carbon Bandsaw blades canbe used
Life / Performance of costly Bimetal bandsaw blade is not upto the satisfaction level Life/Performance of Bimetal Blade is excellent & satisfac
Donot have separate water tank So more water and Coolant Wastage and difficult to clean The tank Having separate Coolant tank so less coolant & water wastage and easy to clean up chips
Poor Blade life Excellent Blade life
Slow cutting rate Faster cutting
having 0.5 HP drive Having 1 HP drive
Having 19mm width blade Having 25mm width blade
Q.4 What is Difference Between “ Pivot “ Type and “ Double Column” Type Bandsaw Machine.?
Pivot Type Bandsaw Machine Double Column Bandsaw Machine
Low Price so useful for SSI industries High price so only big industries can afford to invest
Easy to maintain & no extra running expense High skilled is required for maintainance & costly maintainance
Light construction so easy to move Heavy & rigid body so less Vibration
Less accuracy High accuracy within 50 microns
Low Production rate High production cutting rate
Less machine life More machine life
Less Gear box life More Gear box life
Low maintainance cost Hydraulics maintainance is costly
Slow cutting so more cutting time Faste cutting so less cutting time
Q.5 How to Calculate the Cutting Cost per Piece?
Ans. There is so many parameters affecting “ Cutting cost” in Bandsaw machine .
  • The Grade of material
  • The total area of job in sq.cm
  • Labour cost
  • Power cost
  • Machine capital cost ( Investment )
  • Price of Bandsaw blade
First of all , The Performance of any Bandsaw machine can judged by knowing Blade life /performance in the machine . i.e. The number of cuts per Bandsaw blade .

Generaly , The life of Bimetal blades are given in Square centimetres area. In “ LAXMEN” BRAND Bandsaw machines , The life of blade will depends on the Model of the machine . Because The Performance/Life of blade is directly related to Machine design & its type .

Example : Model LX-1 HS is having blade life of 30,000 sq.cm area cut per Bimetal blade . Now , if we are cutting 50mm Round EN-8 material than the area of Job : 19.5 Sq.cm. of 1 piece .
  • So, The no. of pieces canbe cut using 1 Blade = 30,000/ 19.5=1538
  • Total no. of pieces = 1538
  • The cost of blade = Rs.1600/- Approx
So the cutting cost will be Approx. Rs.1/- ( one rupee only) without considering cost of Power & labour.

Q.6 What is Ratio of Cutting Oil to Water?
  • 1 lt. cutting oil = 10 lts of Soft water
    • Which grade of Oil , How much & How many times –Gear box oil should be changed?
  • Grade of Gear Box Oil : Alpha Zn-320 or Sea Oil
  • Quantity : 750ml
  • Time : 15days for First Use and Than Bimonthly

Q.7 How to Select Proper Bandsaw Blade?
Ans. The selection of Bandsaw blade is very important because it will affect the performace of the machine & blade as well. Here we are giving some guide line for it.

The selection of Blade will depends solely on
  • The Geometry of the material to be cut
  • The Grade of the material
Now Basic Cutting Principle is that “ Minimum 3 Teeth of Blade Must Be in Contact with the Material At Any Point of Time During Cutting“. so the Teeth of Blade Should Be Selected such that Min. 3 Teeth of Blade Should Remain in Contact with Material During Cutting.

The Blade can be ordered by giving following data :
  • The required Teeth per Inch ( T.P.I.)
  • The Length of Blade ( Mm)
  • Type of Blade I.e.bimetal / Carbon Steel
  • The Width of Blade (mm)
  • Thickness of Blade ( Mm)

Ordering Code of Blade
  • Length X Width X Thickess = T.p.i.

Q.8 How to Select Proper Speed of Blade & Cutting Feed?
Ans. The Speed of Blade is directly related to the Grade of material.
  • Harder the Material-Less Band Speed
  • Softer the Material--Higher Band Speed
( The detail chart of the band speed is given in manual book)

The cutting feed of the Arm is directly related to Grade of material and size of material.The feed should be kept such that the Chip formation during cutting should be in heavy curly form.

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